Friday, November 25, 2011

Breed:The Sphinx?

Shala Monroque

We received just a taste of the woman behind the persona of fashion journalist and muse, Shala Monroque. As it was only an excerpt of her personality, curiosity is still rampant. So she's from Saint Lucia, an island girl who dances the whine, arrived on the east coast young and tried her hand at both acting and modeling, became a fashion editor, and stinted as an escort. Somewhere in-between those last two; she rose to the ranks of high style on the arm of her art gallerist beau, Larry Gagosian (the two are rumored to have split), and became a leader in the pack of the many beautiful women who stalk the hallways of fashions corridors. Yet she stands out. Not just by way of her creative & timeless looking getups, she’s black. A black woman succeeding in a historically European and notoriously racist industry is still -in the second decade of the twenty first century- a big deal. She's been seen seasonally at every major catwalk since 2009, is a contributing editor for the newly established fashion & art magazine, Garage Jain, and is the muse for and makes mood boards for Prada. Success has been reached. And doesn’t this story feel like Mahogany all over again; a pretty black girl not born of the esteemed social class rising in the ranks of the high fashion industry. But it's a story not completely unheard of. There is the non-fictional Tracy, last name Reese, who helms her own critically acclaimed eponymous label. The direct counterpart of Miss Monroque is Genevieve Jones. Complete with the same (there is no way in hell you are from New Orleans or any foreign island) valley girl accent. Like oh my god Americans. Like Genevieve, Shala is tight lipped and keeps a minimal profile, which is what makes these women so interesting. All we really know about her is that she likes and wears Prada. I’d call it the allure of the socialite, while they coexist with the Jolie’s and Lady Gaga’s of the world, they’re celebrity is limited to fashion, and are allowed a little more discretion, and in that, mystery for those dedicated followers of the fashion industry. No doubt she is a Pretty Woman, beautiful really. But is she the enigma the fashion media portrays or simply another pretty black girl in an expensive dress? We may never know. It’s part of the allure. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mood:And Die

10 Magazine Fall/Winter 2011, Erin Axtell by Olaf Breuning 

Red Carpet:Hey Dolly!

Celebrities. Some love them, and even more love to hate them. Our media 'stalks' them and obsess over every little thing they do, say, wear, and sometimes even eat. It's disgusting. And as I have a yahoo account (and pretty much naturally cannot get away from popular culture) I am not exempt from this behavior, and couldn't get away from the rummaging over Christina Aguilera's bad taste. Her style has evolved into something of a toddler in tiara Dolly Parton hybrid. Excessive cheap beauty pageantry glamour, massive boobage, crazy weaves and bleaching, and obvious

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today:The Gorgon

I always thought it fitting that Donatella Versace was the creative director of Gianni Versace S.p.A. She is the younger sibling of the houses originator, but not for that  reason alone. She also serves as the face of the brand; which is even more fitting. Unlike the campaign models (which have included Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Gisele, and more recently Lindsey Wixson and Abbey Lee Kershaw) who come and go- her image will allways be synonymous with the brand. To understand why that is, one must go no further than to inspect the brands logo, which shares a striking resemblance to both the head on Minerva's Aegis shield and Caravaggio's snake headed bust. For proof of this you need no more evidence than a photo of her face, like the one above. Medusa incarnate much? My personal nickname for her is the Gorgon Mistress.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Terry Richardson, Terry's Diary

Daddy's Boy- You are not your fathers child. I even think he said so. That man understood and captured culture. Our culture for what it was, and as he saw it. Understood. You on the other hand, imitate this work, and don't have your own style. And I think Mr. Teller would agree. No sir, you are not your fathers child. He was an original, that you are trying to be, and you will and have never amounted. It's cute at best, and cheap at worst. Tasteless and repetitive themes. Use your brain and take some time to come up with something; your own. So they've accepted you, and given you work. People like last names. You work for Vogue? I'd think it wise -while there- to keep your hands to yourself.

-the editor

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011


Oroma Elewa

I recently read a post on Oroma Elewa's blog, Oroma's Therapy and she made a statement about adhering to truth. This really inspired me, it moved me in such a way. This blog is going to get a whole lot more honest, and "here's to adhering" to truth. The quoted, which is the name of a beautiful poem by Maya Angelou that you should seriously consider reading, and you know who you are.