Monday, November 21, 2011

Today:The Gorgon

I always thought it fitting that Donatella Versace was the creative director of Gianni Versace S.p.A. She is the younger sibling of the houses originator, but not for that  reason alone. She also serves as the face of the brand; which is even more fitting. Unlike the campaign models (which have included Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Gisele, and more recently Lindsey Wixson and Abbey Lee Kershaw) who come and go- her image will allways be synonymous with the brand. To understand why that is, one must go no further than to inspect the brands logo, which shares a striking resemblance to both the head on Minerva's Aegis shield and Caravaggio's snake headed bust. For proof of this you need no more evidence than a photo of her face, like the one above. Medusa incarnate much? My personal nickname for her is the Gorgon Mistress.


  1. Her face is certainly memorable; a quality for the brand but the Versace logo of Medusa is also about a strong female. Gianni is still living up to this, as the head of the fashion power-house (even if she cannot turn men to stone!)

    Nice comparison, check out my latest post on Peter Jensen's fashion show if you get a moment :)

    All the best,

    Fi xx

  2. Fi your amazing, and how dare I overlook the symbolism of the emblem. But I also cannot ignore that a strong woman should not need to have so many blethroplasties. It simply sends the wrong message to young girls -especially now that the brand is involved with H&M- and women alike. Also I must say for the sake of feminism that she need not be defined by her fashion choices or adherence to any style or brand image. Again you are wonderful, and thank you for your comment.

  3. I think it's rinoplasty and lip augmutation. Ewes. She really does look like a gorgon.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with your analysis. Very interesting blog, by the way and thanks so much for stopping by my little neck of the fashion woods.


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