Sunday, November 20, 2011


Terry Richardson, Terry's Diary

Daddy's Boy- You are not your fathers child. I even think he said so. That man understood and captured culture. Our culture for what it was, and as he saw it. Understood. You on the other hand, imitate this work, and don't have your own style. And I think Mr. Teller would agree. No sir, you are not your fathers child. He was an original, that you are trying to be, and you will and have never amounted. It's cute at best, and cheap at worst. Tasteless and repetitive themes. Use your brain and take some time to come up with something; your own. So they've accepted you, and given you work. People like last names. You work for Vogue? I'd think it wise -while there- to keep your hands to yourself.

-the editor


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  2. Apologies for the lyricism, I've been reading and writing a lot of poetry.

    Again, this man is a monster, and someone needs to take him down. His creepiness is not okay and not funny. When we laugh at his behavior and say that it is simply the culture of out society, or worse, make light of the situation, we are mocking his victims. We should not allow ourselves to accept that we live in a society and work in an industry that allows this type of man to exist and get away with the criminal acts he does. Remember, all feedback is welcome and thanks for the responses.
    -the editor


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