Tuesday, August 23, 2011

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Florence + the Machine What The Water Gave Me 

Pre-Raphaelite darling Florence Welch officially released the single, "What the Water Gave Me" from her up-in-coming second album on Vevo today. In the video she is seen in Abbey Road Studios with fellow band members recording, and in her house in London, as well as outside frolicking in the sun in front of a microphone. Ethereal looking, right? The Best New Artist Grammy runner up and Gucci muse has been called everything from an earth mother and a gypsy, to the second coming of Ophelia.

Frida Giannini on choosing Welch as a muse for Gucci- And with her red locks and willowy features it can be hard to not mistaken her for the later, a Jane Morris or Elizabeth Siddal. This happens to be the exact look she is going for. While off duty she is a fan of designer vintage and simple feminine looks, she cites Ophelia and The Lady of Shalott as inspiration for the stage. It’s obvious that she likes to play with demure style, wearing long sleeve and high necked floor length dresses -seemingly proper Victorian- but in sheer fabrics exposing her long legs & much of the rest of her waif from. How can you not fall in love with a woman who can make drowning sound so beautiful?


  1. Gucci and Florence.. a perfect marriage!
    lee x

  2. Amazing! I really like her I think her music and style is amazing! Gucci+Florence= awesome!

  3. I am very intrigued about it! Florence's music is incredible, and everything Frida does is great! I cannot wait...

  4. Love their music!

    Let's follow?

  5. Wow, the music is absolutely incredible! Thanks so much for sharing!



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